When Should You Seal Your Deck?

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In most cases, your deck is the final piece that pulls your entire outdoor living space together. It’s that space you can use throughout the year to enjoy the beautiful weather we have in Texas without leaving the comfort of your home. Like all things you love, you have to take care of it to make sure it lasts. Decks need regular maintenance to keep them looking as beautiful as the day they were installed. One of the most important things is making sure your deck is sealed properly. This seal creates a protective layer that prevents water, dirt, mildew, pests, etc. from affecting the bare wood. It’s usually applied at the end of the installation process, but what about after that? How do you know when adding a new coat is necessary?

How often does a seal need to be reapplied?

Depending on how much traffic the deck gets throughout the year, we recommend getting the deck sealer reapplied every 3 to 5 years with a premium grade sealer. There are some less-expensive sealers on the market, but they’ll only protect the deck for a year or so. At Georgetown Fence & Deck, we can recommend the best type of sealer based on the wood your deck is made out of.

When Should You Seal Your Deck? 1

What time of year should you have it done?

When Should You Seal Your Deck? 2

Texas makes it extremely easy to find time to seal a deck. It’s recommended to do between temperatures of 50 to 90℉. Basically, between June and September, the temperature might not be the best because it tends to be over 90℉, but the rest of the year is pretty open.

What type of weather is ideal?

The best days are overcast where there are some clouds in the sky preventing the sun from beating down too much. On bright, sunny days the seal might dry out too fast leaving your deck vulnerable. Overcast days means there’s just enough cloud coverage to allow our team members time to evenly coat every part of the deck.

Has it been a while since your deck had a protective seal reapplied? Contact us at Georgetown Fence & Deck!

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