Upgrading Your Commercial Outdoor Area

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The landscape and structure of your building can, truly, paint a picture for the customer about the type of company you run. Before they ever walk into the establishment, they’ve already had their first impression of the business, whether it’s good or bad. Even if your business is great, the curb appeal of your exterior could affect whether or not they come back after that first trip. If you’re competing with much bigger stores, a poor outer look could be detrimental to your business overall. Thankfully, sprucing up your commercial property isn’t as difficult as you may think. All it takes is having a clean, inviting meeting space, attractive and easy-to-use handrails, a nice area to contain and conceal your dumpster area, and more. Here’s how, with a few upgrades, you’ll be inviting more people to your business than you may know what to do with.

Outdoor Meeting Space: While not every business necessarily needs a meeting space, it’s still beneficial to have one if you have the space. This outdoor space could be a bench or two in the front where customers wait for others to arrive, or for you to host your meeting on a nice day. If you have a larger space, think about adding a patio and a pergola or a gazebo to the spot. It could even be a comfortable spot for employees to go out and get some fresh air for their break without being stuck in the car.

Dumpster Enclosures: There’s no way to glamourize a dumpster. It’s going to be unattractive with an odor, no matter what. There’s no reason why you can’t attempt to make it a little nicer to look at. Create an enclosure around it! Wood or composite fence material is the most popular because it’s easy for employees to open and for the trash company to maneuver around. Make sure you contact the company that hauls the trash away before you put up the structure. They may have specifications on how wide it needs to be so there’s enough clearance for the truck to pick up the dumpster.

Custom Railings: Whether they’re a precaution for your customers, to add to the style of your business, or both, your railings can make just as much of a statement as a landscape can. There are several styles to choose from whether it be ADA handrails, ADA ramp rails, guardrails, and many more! Make sure the handrails are easy-to-use for customers and employees. Don’t sacrifice functionality for a custom design.

Custom Fences: Fencing is very important for your business. Not only does it give your business privacy, it also keeps out unwanted visitors, pests, and more. It adds a sense of sophistication to your business, as well. Even with the gate, customers are invited in because there’s a sense of peace and security from solicitors and other people who are a nuisance to the establishment.

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