It’s All About The Material: Which Is Best For Your Outdoors

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When it comes to determining the “flooring” for your outdoor living area, there is no perfect “one-size-fits-all.” Some products may work better than others depending on your overall plan for design and functionality. Choosing the wrong elements for your patio, deck, or other outdoor living areas can lead to a tacky, ineffective, and uncomfortable design. Be careful and critical when choosing your base option. Each product has added benefits that the others do not. Let’s take a moment and discuss the ideal materials to pick from when installing a patio in Central Texas!

Gravel – Very low maintenance and able to be used in many different ways and for various applications. A more affordable solution than most, which is also easy on bare feet, easy to replace, and can add a unique visual pallet with the ability to easily mix and match color schemes.

Mixed materials – Like gravel, there are other aggregate options to create a worthwhile flooring to your outdoor living area. Mulch, shredded tires (for the recycling fan), even sand can fit the bill depending on what you need and the climate you live in.


Concrete – Another affordable option which can be a great way to achieve a custom aesthetic without breaking the bank. Not only can you stamp concrete to imitate wood or match the rest of your home’s design, but you can stamp concrete to give it the appearance of tiles or brick. 

Brick – Brick pavers also come in a multitude of fashions, from old to new world, and everything in between. Bricks and other pavers of this type are one of the most attractive choices you could ever choose to adorn your property with however they come with their share of maintenance and upkeep needs. 

Stone – The pinnacle of outdoor living design. Pure natural stone offers an aesthetic that stands alone and can go with practically any landscape or home design. Like brick, there are necessary maintenance steps to follow to keep your stones looking new and free from unsightly weather marks.

stone pavers

As long as you budget properly and devise a thorough plan, the installation and design process will be smooth and painless. Don’t forget to do some research about your local climate to make sure your favorite choice won’t be ruined by an incompatible weather pattern. Be sure to contact a professional if the installation of your dream space is too much to take on alone. We are here and are happily willing to quote, design, and construct your entire project! 

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