How Parts Of Your Deck Boost The Value of Your Home

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The housing market can be tricky to navigate, especially if this is your first time selling a home. While you have no control over the market itself, what you DO have control over is how presentable your home is to the public. By doing this, you’re covering two bases: you’re making it more appealing to potential buyers and you’re boosting the value to make more of a profit. With how gorgeous Texas weather is, decks, pergolas, and other outdoor spaces are something buyers look for. A deck can be utilized in several different ways, especially if you don’t have a huge yard to work with. Here’s how each piece of your deck adds value to your home:

• The Foundation: The foundation is what keeps the deck stable and strong enough to handle multiple people, furniture, a grill, and other amenities. Depending on the height of your deck, the foundation can also open up the space underneath which can be used as a second seating area, an outdoor kitchen, storage, and more.

• The Base: The base of the deck works with the foundation, adding to the strength of the deck. Usually, thicker boards, such as a 4”x4” or a 2”x10,” are used to give it even more structure to handle the weight limit. It’s especially important if you plan on adding a hot tub, which is a considerable amount of weight. The base can also double as the ceiling for the area underneath the deck.

How Parts Of Your Deck Boost The Value of Your Home 1
How Parts Of Your Deck Boost The Value of Your Home 2

• The Decking: The material you use for the deck itself can increase the value. Standard decks use hardwood for a natural finish. However, natural wood needs regular maintenance. The wood needs to be cleaned regularly, along with a fresh coat of sealant every 2 to 3 years to keep it protected. The deck itself can last 15 years or so with regular maintenance. Another material that has been gaining popularity is composite decking. It’s as sturdy as natural wood, but the biggest difference is that it’s virtually maintenance-free. There are several styles and colors to choose from to match the house or outdoor space, where wood is mainly stained.

• The Finish: The finish we’re referring to is things like the rails and anything other features that bring the deck together. The railings are extremely important for safety, but they can be a statement piece on their own. Typically, they match the same material as the deck whether it’s wood or composite, however, that’s not always the case. You can have metal rails, spindles, vinyl, cables, and more. 

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