Can A Pergola Really Make a Difference?

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How many of you think that a pergola is the same as a gazebo? They are, in fact, two different structures you can have in your yard. A gazebo has a solid roof already built-in where a pergola has a more open roof, depending on the style. While a pergola is seen as more decorative, there are quite a few benefits of having one in your outdoor space to enjoy throughout the seasons.
  • Shade: The design of the roof allows the sunlight to come through, but it’s not directly on you. The beauty of a pergola is that if you want to have full coverage at times, you can get a canopy installed. It can be pulled out or retracted anytime you want.
  • Contrast: Larger decks give you plenty of space to entertain your friends and family, but it can look dull without the right features. A pergola can help visually fill some of that space without physically taking it away. It’s the same idea if you have a larger back yard and not much to do with it. This structure can break up the monotony while still being functional.
Can A Pergola Really Make a Difference? 1
Can A Pergola Really Make a Difference? 2
  • Color: It can add a pop of color to the outdoor space. It can be customized to any style. Stick with traditional stained wood or have it painted.
  • Privacy: Just as you can add a canopy, you can also add shades to give you privacy. You won’t have to worry about neighbors looking in or bugging you as you try to relax. It can also help keep out the bugs if you want to sit out at night.

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