Leander, TX


Finished the work yesterday, and we're thrilled. Excellent experience! We have a modern house and wanted a steel fence that would honor the architecture. I was worried about whether someone could take my unique design and actually bring it to life. My design required them to tediously weld 4x4" square cattle panel in the center of 2x2" square tubing (because I didn't want a front and back to the fence). Most steel fence is pipe fence with the cattle panel or wire tack welded to the back. "Normal" metal fence is fast and requires a lot less accuracy. Ours required a lot of attention to detail. And they cared about my vision for this fence every step of the way. Every person we interacted with was fantastic. Our sales person was a gem. The owners are friendly, reasonable, and easy to work with. The crew was awesome. Good listeners - understood what I cared about before starting. They also involved me at critical decisions that would change the aesthetics of the fence. I am as pleased as it gets. Goal achieved perfectly: dogs contained, modern architecture honored, homeowners can relax and enjoy the view!