5 Fence Advantages You May Not Have Realized

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Installing a fence is great for a multitude of reasons. Whether it’s safety, privacy, etc, you can rest assured knowing that your property is protected day in and out. However, if you don’t have a pet, or you have an open-yard policy with your neighbors, can you justify the extra expense of a fence? Absolutely! There are a lot more considerations you should take in regards to fencing! You could live closer to a wooded area, want more protection from burglars, or even the elements. Here are five additional advantages of having a fence installed.


1. Stop Unwanted Guests: Some people just don’t understand that they’re not wanted on your property. Plus, unsolicited salespeople are thieves looking for an easy target, and a  fence will stop them. Neither one of them will know whether you have a dog trotting around the yard or even how advanced the security system is.

2. Stops Stray Animals: Have you ever woken up to see your trash ripped to shreds or had a funk smell lingering? Chances are you had a visitor whether it was a stray cat, raccoons, skunks, or any other unwanted creature. Generally, animals don’t bother with fences because it’s too much energy to dig a hole underneath the fence. Some aren’t nimble enough to climb over one either.

5 Fence Advantages You May Not Have Realized 1

3. Protection from the Weather: Strong winds, rain, and even hail can do a lot of damage to a yard and a landscape. Depending on the fence you have, it can protect your yard from the elements slowing down and preventing some of the impacts Mother Nature brings. Plus, any wreckage or debris will be kept out of your yard!

5 Fence Advantages You May Not Have Realized 2

4. Securing the Property: Unless you’re a historian of the area, chances are no one will know exactly where their property line is without some sort of marker. Knowing where your property ends and the neighbor’s begins is extremely important; especially if you enjoy using your backyard on a daily basis or want to have things installed such as a patio or pool. Your fence can be the stopping point for your property.

5. It Looks Great: A fence can be a decorative piece that brings together the entire outdoor design. They don’t need to be tall privacy fences. They can be smaller and help section off areas of your outdoor living space.

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